4 back to school tips for getting right on track

August 22, 2017

Back to school season can seem daunting, but here are our four tips that will help make the transition smoother for both you and your kids.

  1. Start reeling back the bedtimes early

If your child has been going to bed late over the summer, it’s time to start easing them back into a healthy routine. 

Waking up your child a little earlier each day as school approaches will help them get accustomed to early wake ups before the first day. Parenting expert Erika Souter recommends starting at least two weeks before the first day of school to help make sure that your child is well prepared. She also suggests enforcing an hour of quiet time before bed with a no electronics rule to help make sure your child can get to sleep easily.

  1. Have a family calendar

Keep it on the fridge, in the living room or at the front entrance, having a family calendar will keep everyone’s assignments and schedule organized. By putting everyone’s commitments together, you can avoid confusion and won’t need to be worried about missing anyone’s practice or homework due date. And you can also create a daily to-do list for yourself and the family from this calendar too! Take some inspiration from the family command centers we found on Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest

3. Set the goals you want to achieve at the beginning of the school year – and don’t make them just about grades

Setting goals the beginning of the school year is a great way to keep your child accountable for something other than good grades. You can set daily chores and responsibilities for each child (and adult too,) like taking out the garbage, or brushing their teeth before school. Some families use a rewards-based system for this where children can gain “points” for completing tasks that they can redeem for prizes like more game time or play dates with friends.

4. Make sure your school essentials are protected

For us in Vancouver who are lucky enough to live in a rainy climate, making sure our children’s school essentials don’t get wet is another thing to worry about! To avoid soggy backpacks and waterlogged homework, our reflective ponchos are great for those rainy walks home or when your child waiting for school pick up. They are available in a range of colours and sizes that you can take a look at here. No more wet homework excuses!

So there you have it, our four tips to make sure the back to school transition is as smooth as can be. We hope it isn’t too painful!


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