McNett Seam Grip®

  • Comes in a 1oz. squeeze tube
  • Urethane based seam sealer and repair adhesive
  • Permanently seals seams and repairs rips, tears and holes in outdoor gear
  • Flexible, waterproof formula is unaffected by extreme cold or heat
  • Use sparingly as a thin film for best effectiveness.
  • Editors€™ Choice Gold Award from Backpacker Magazine
  • Manufactured by McNett, made in the USA


Our rain poncho is considered water resistant. Although the fabric is waterproof and there are minimal seams with the poncho, the seams have not been sealed. To make the rain poncho waterproof, seam sealant can be applied.

Seam sealant by McNett is a waterproof formula used to seam seal seams of natural and synthetic fabric. Garment is still washable and unaffected by extreme cold or heat, once applied to inside seams of garment.

Please see product details for application to poncho.

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