McNett ReviveX® Instant Waterproofing Spray

  • Convenient, all-purpose waterproofing for all outerwear, footwear and gear
  • Non silicone formula safe for all fabrics, including Dintex fabric
  • Creates instant water, oil,and stain repellency with a clear, non sticky finish
  • No CFCs or PFOAs
  • Manufactured by McNett, made in the USA


This product is an all-purpose easy to use waterproof spray that instantly creates a water, oil, stain repellant surface on all types of outerwear. Plus, it restores the DWR to items that have lost their ability to repel water over years of wear. Can be used initially on new garments to create a waterproof layer or on older garments that have lost their waterproofing ability.
Our rain poncho has an environmentally friendly DWR (durable water repelency) already on the fabric, but after years of wear, any outdoor garment needs to restore it's DWR ability. The Revivex can be applied on an older rain poncho or can be applied initially, to a new poncho, to create a second waterproof layer.

Please see product details for application to poncho.

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